PBN Committee Meeting

Monday 6th April, Video Conference

Present: Olivia Robertson, Jan Deegan, Tricia Fox, Rebecca Ellwood, Megan Mailer, Donna Bednarek, Jane Rennie  and Debbie Hutcheson

Apologies: There were no apologies

The main purpose of this meeting was to discuss the handover to a new committee as Jane Rennie (President) and Tricia Fox (Vice President) announced that they were stepping down prior to the AGM.


The changes to the constitution have been drafted and Rebecca is to circulate them this evening for comments.


The roles of the committee members were proposed as follows:

President – Debbie Hutcheson

Vice President – Megan Mailer

Treasurer – Rebecca Ellwood

Minute Secretary – Jan Deegan

Events Organiser – Donna Bednarek

Membership Liaison and Social Media – Megan Mailer

These roles would be acting in the meantime and confirmed at the AGM

It was agreed that additional members be recruited to the committee.

President’s Role:

This needs to be clearly defined. All roles need to play to the individual’s strengths. Communication between the members, the committee and ASB is key. Strengthening succession plans going forward will also be necessary.

As affiliates, the President and VP are required to attend the ASB AGM and dinner.


Jane is to send out the nomination forms to the new committee for them to sign electronically.

Jane will also write the President’s report for the AGM and complete the Treasurer’s report.

Olivia Pardoe will hand over the accounts to Fiona Fraser for auditing.


PBN have been using Quickbooks and have been paying a subscription to this for the last 18 months although for various reasons it has not been fully utilized.

Fiona Fraser is the PBN accountant and she is familiar with this platform.

There have been major challenges with the bank account. There have been difficulties putting people on and taking people off the account. Currently, Jane Rennie, Tricia Fox, Olivia Pardoe and Debbie Fellows are all signatories.

The treasurer and the president both need to be signatories to the PBN account.

Jane will assist the new committee to make the required changes.


Rebecca is to be given the logins for the PayPal account.

Information about the accounts is to be circulated to members prior to the AGM.


Date of AGM – Thursday 30th April 5.30pm


Megan is to email all members with the date and send out a Doodle poll.

2020 dates for Breakfast Networking:

Monday 20th April – Jane to host.

It was agreed that we try a virtual meeting for this.


Jane is to set up a Zoom.

Megan is to send out a Doodle Poll request to members for the most popular time for everyone to meet.

Wednesday 20th May – Rebecca to host

It is likely that this will be virtual also.

Tuesday 16th June

Monday 20th July

Thursday 20th August

Wednesday 16th September

Tuesday 20th October

Friday 20th November

Striving for Excellence

Speakers required for later in 2020

Event Space – Thornton’s Perth Office is a possibility. It would be free.


Tricia informed the committee that the PBN website has been rebuilt and is now easier to update. The events system is on WordPress, so everyone needs to be familiar with this.


The charity is PKAVS walled garden

Prizes – see Basecamp for updates on what has been pledged.

It was agreed this is to be rolled over to next year and PBN to keep the same charity.

Name Change:

This is to be put on hold and the new committee will take this forward. The notes regarding this are all on Basecamp.


Basecamp – Tricia has kindly agreed to keep this platform open to PBN and will give access to the new committee.

Date of next meeting:

To be arranged

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