PBN Committee Meeting Minutes

Present: Olivia Robertson, Jan Deegan, Tricia Fox, Rebecca Ellwood, Megan Mailer – Dialling in: Donna Bednarek and Debbie Hutcheson

Apologies: Lauren Alexander Smith, Jane Rennie

Minutes of 19th December were approved.

Matters Arising:

Megan Mailer has agreed to be the ASB liaison person

The constitution is still being worked on, but will be ready for circulation to the committee at the end of March and to all members on 2nd April.

Megan Mailer, Jan Deegan and Debbie Hutcheson were all co-opted on to the committee. Proposed by Tricia Fox and Seconded by Olivia Robertson


Date of AGM – Thursday 23rd April 6 – 8pm

Venue – this has to be changed. Rebecca is to speak to her sister who works at The Bothy to see if they are available and Debbie H will see if there is a room at the Creative Space in Stormont Street.

Jan Tricia and Donna are to contact a speaker to see who is available.

2020 dates for Breakfast Networking:

Friday 20th March – Olivia to host

Monday 20th April – Jane to host

Wednesday 20th May – Rebecca to host

Tuesday 16th June – Tricia to host

Monday 20th July

Thursday 20th August

Wednesday 16th September

Tuesday 20th October

Friday 20th November

Striving for Excellence

Speakers required for May/June 2020

Ideas put forward were:

Brie Reid – unfortunately, she is not available

Fin Wycherley from Supersized Media – Tricia to contact

Event Space – Thornton’s Perth Office is a possibility. It would be free.


The website is being refreshed.

All memberships are now individual.

The increase in membership fees to £45 will require approval at the AGM.

Megan is creating a spreadsheet re membership renewals

Jane is to check the Paypal set up as this appears to still be going to Nicola Martin.


The charity is PKAVS walled garden

Rebecca is in the process of bringing the raffle board to life – £10 per square

The board will be online – ‘just giving page’ and Facebook.

The board will be open to buy squares from 1st to 30th April

Our aim is to get 20 prizes and these are to be confirmed by 23rd March.

Prizes – see Basecamp for updates on what has been pledged.

Name Change

This is to be put on hold and the new committee will take this forward. The notes regarding this are all on Basecamp.

Treasurer’s Report

The details re the signatories are still not completed. Debbie Hutcheson has kindly offered to become the new treasurer.

Jane to complete a handover to Debbie and to have the accounts ready for the AGM.


For future meetings, Anne Kerr from Dundee is willing to co-host an event with PBN

There is also a possibility of a collaboration with Vicky Unite from Perth Chamber of Commerce.

Date of next meeting:

Monday 23rd March, 5.30pm

Venue: Jane’s House, Perth

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