The Home Straight is a social enterprise offering moving, downsizing and ageing in place solutions for older people. The first of its kind in Scotland.

Founded by sisters Olivia Robertson and Clare Cooper, The Home Straight’s core offer revolves around helping older people and their families navigate their way through the daunting process of moving and downsizing to a smaller property, sheltered housing, residential care or nursing home, or, advising if adaptations might allow them to continue to live in their current home safely and independently. Their service also offers advice and guidance on improving people’s wellbeing in their current or new environment.”

Along side this, The Home Straight is developing a Home for Life toolkit which is designed to take people on a journey to help them answer key questions about their home’s accessibility and affordability.  We have been awarded an Investing in Ideas award to assist in taking this idea forward.

With the help of Scottish Enterprise, The Home Straight is also getting involved in the redesign and manufacture of some simple items of assistive living equipment.

Evidence and reasearch suggests that design has a role to play and many people do not like the fact that an item draws attention to their disability and is often very unattractive.


Mobile: 07840 544420

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