This month, our Featured Member is Jan Shirley (Craigie Business Support).

The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men
Gang aft a-gley, [often go awry]

Rabbie Burns

I’m sitting at my desk facing two computer monitors loaded with the tools of my trade, databases, contact monitoring systems, progress reports.

The business lifeline, its raison d’etre, a state of the art phone system, hot and ready to make targeted calls to open doors, develop new business opportunities. The chair is ergonomically designed.

In short, I’m primed and ready for action, well I will be when I get that coffee.

The business, Craigie Business Support is 5 years old, set up from scratch to offer a new business development consultancy to open doors for my clients and to facilitate focussed appointments.

It’s working, business is good (it could always be better!!) clients are positive, testimonials glowing.

But it wasn’t supposed to be anything like this!

I’d done my time, helping set up businesses, like Arran Provisions – those square jars, they were us – Arran Aromatics…I’d been a founding Director and when that welcoming knock on the door came, I was ready, willing and able to focus on my ambition to sail the seven seas. I’d already sailed across the Atlantic and now the plan was to sail Mostaza, a 49’ Swedish ketch around the Caribbean and begin cruising and enjoying life after some hard-fought successes and close-run things…

Sound good? It sure did to me but, “the best laid plans of mice and men gang aft a-gley.”

No need for the gory details but the dream died!

I came back to Scotland and not wanting the strains of start-up or Director level involvement, I joined Highland Fayre as a Sales Administrator. It suited me at the time as I licked various wounds.

But 5 years ago, redundancy struck and after some soul searching, I decided to use my interpersonal skills and commercial insights to offer new business development opportunities to clients needing a “door-opener”.

So, this is where I am today; it’s successful and gives me great work/life flexibility.

Now, my work station has sat idle long enough, the coffee is at hand…. “Be positive, pick up the phone and make that call” …Simples!!


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